VNT Management Oy

We are one of the first venture capital management companies in Europe that focuses on clean technologies, in particular renewables, electrical systems and energy savings. We are active in the Nordics and German-speaking countries.

Our investments

At present, we have three funds with a total investment capital of 157 million under management. We mainly invest in technology-orientated start-ups and growth companies in Europe. Our wide business experience, active management, and values based on fair play make up the cornerstones of VNT.

Responsible Investing

We recognise the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and believe that companies aligning to the Environment, Social and Corporate Governance Principles (ESG Principles) in their corporate responsibility (CR) work will be more attractive investments than other companies in the long run.

The values we believe in

  • Superior competence & high-quality collaboration
  • Fair play & humble courage
  • Target orientation & continuous improvement
  • Excellence in thinking & lean processes

64 Supported by the European Union's Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme