For Companies Looking for Finance

Power Fund III aims at investing in around 10 early-stage companies in Northern and Central Europe during 2012–2016. Power Fund I and II are fully invested and make only follow-on investments in their current target companies.

Our investments focus on renewable and distributed power generation and energy-saving technologies, especially in electrical and power electronic applications. Of particular interest to us are innovations in which different forms of energy are converted into electricity, such as wind and solar power, wave power and biomass. Also energy-saving applications, such as electric drive trains as well as smart grids, Cleantech related IT and new processing technologies are in our focus.

The initial target investment in an investee company is decided upon case by case, but is normally between €0.5 and 5 million. The fund’s ownership of shares in any investee company normally does not represent a majority of the total equity.

VNT funds do not invest in listed companies, real estate holding companies, or companies whose principal business consists of banking, finance, or management of private property.

In addition to financing, we provide a wide range of essential services and know-how to our target companies. If you have any questions, please contact the VNT team.

Our Services for Target Companies

VNT offers the following services to target companies:

•    Identification of winning business models
•    Supply management and sales networks of VNT partners
•    Global experience in the target company’s business
•    Knowledge in technology, markets, business models,
     management competence, etc.
•    Development of business ideas
•    Development of applications and systems
•    Development of product concepts
•    Scanning and evaluation of technolog

Interested in etrepreneurship

We are continuously receiving and developing new business ideas. We are also looking for enthusiastic people to take these ideas further.

If you are interested in working with start-ups, please contact us.

Investment process

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Initial Analysis

Companies with interesting concepts are invited to a meeting where the management presents their concept, technology and business models. VNT should be provided with material (company business plan, etc.) in advance in order to make the meeting both ways more effective and focused. VNT also presents its business philosophy and know-how of the business at hand.

Further Negotiations
If the decision is taken to proceed, a more detailed study of the business plan is undertaken to analyse the company, its technology, markets and development stage more closely. A common understanding is also reached at this stage regarding the valuation and exit plan of the company.

Due Diligence
Prior to an investment decision, due diligence is conducted.

After the decision to proceed has been taken by VNT and by the company, the fund will make an equity-based minority investment in the target company. VNT will also assume an active role in the company's board.

After the Investment
After the investment we play an active role in developing the target company in order to achieve the jointly agreed milestones and final goals.

As the company develops and grows, the company management and VNT jointly prepare the company for further financing and exit.